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Item Guidelines [WIP] Empty Item Guidelines [WIP]

Post by Dameon on Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:41 pm

Item Guidelines

Items within Sword Art Online are a huge part of the experience and are critical in advancing further into the game. Items come in many shapes and sizes and have a lot of detail to them. Understanding items and how they work will be critical for you to survive.

Item Types

There are 3 types of items in SAO: Weapons, Armor, and consumables

Weapons: Are responsible for dealing damage and protecting you from damage when blocking or parrying. These include your traditional weapons as well as shields.

Armor: Armor is the clothing and external defenses you wear on your body.

Consumables: These are anything from health potions to crystals of various kinds. Health potions cannot be directly used while in combat. Only antidote crystals and teleport crystals are capable of being used in combat.


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