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Post by Dameon on Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:15 pm

Within Sword Art Online there are an infinite amount of sword skills that can be learned. However there are limits on what we call utility skills. A sword skill is what is used within a fight to enhance normal attacks or in some cases defenses. The information here is to help you better understand them both and how they impact the game.

Utility Skills: Utility skills are passive abilities that can only be learned in very specific ways and more often than not through questing. These skills will NOT be created by other plays and will be unlocked as players advance in the game and explore the floors. Utility skills include things like acrobatics, detection, listening, battle healing, familiar training, armor expertise, weapon expertise, and crafting or gathering.

Sword Skills: Sword skills are attacks used within the game to achieve a higher damage output or even block/negate/mitigate damage that would otherwise be received. Such skills can be learned as early as level 1 and every 5 levels you will be allowed to create a custom one, the template for which is available in the custom skill area. Such skills include snake bite, horizontal square, etc.

Unique Skills: Unique skills are EXTREMELY rare and as such there is no info at all on how to unlock them. On SAO:G we will more often than not give these away very very rarely and to players who compete in events or even more rare an elite dungeon.


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