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Post by Dameon on Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:06 am

Combat system

The combat system can be a little complicated to learn at first but is best looked at in terms of an actual RPG. Your gear, stats, and level play such a large impact on combat and it is imperative to use the system effectively for you to advance into the upper levels.  

Essentially combat effectively matches your stats up vs. your targets stats. That is the easiest and most obvious part of it but here are some examples.

Player 1 level 10:
Health: (10) 50/50
Weapon Damage: 8
Attack Damage: 12
Defense: 11
Dodge: 11
Reaction Time: 11
Accuracy: 11


Player 2 Level 10:
Health: (6) 30/30
Weapon damage: 8
Attack Damage: 6
Defense: 6
Dodge: 15
Reaction Time: 21
Accuracy: 12

Player 1 is a very balanced with his stats and Player 2 focused a lot of time on his reaction time and his ability to dodge oncoming attacks.

Reaction time: Directly correlates to how many attacks you can do per second with number being as follows

For every 20 points you put into reaction time, you can gain an additional attack/parry per second, and you start out with 1 attack per second. Although when calculating this, Heavy weapons half your reaction time. So, if someone has 40 reaction time they have 3 attacks/parries per second, although if they use a heavy weapon, their reaction time would be 20, when figuring out this formula, so they could attack/parry twice per second.

Damage: damage dealt to an opponent is calculated by this simple formula

(Attack/Target's defense) * weapon damage = Damage

So if both attack and defense are equal, then the weapon damage would be normal, however if someone has a higher attack, than someone else's defense, then they do more damage than normal. In this case the number is always rounded up, meaning the minimum damage you can do to someone is 1 damage. As for the example above if player A was to hit player B then he would do 16 damage to him, and can attack him once every second. However, if player B was to attack player A, he would only do 5 damage, but could attack him twice per second, and as Player A can only parry twice per he is either going to need to block or dodge.

Blocking follows the formula of
(Damage(found using formula above) - Block Negation(only a stat found on shields or rare items)) / Person being hit's defense = damage taken

this number is always rounded up, and block negation can only take damage down to 0.

Accuracy VS Dodge:
This system works in tiers, and goes as follows
Dodge is two tiers lower than accuracy: This person cannot dodge the attack
Dodge is one tier lower than accuracy: This person can only dodge an attack if given notable cues, and a decent amount of time.
Dodge is equal to Accuracy: dodging is on par with the person's ability to hit you. Normal, ques and time are needed to dodge.
Dodge is one tier above Accuracy: It is difficult to hit someone that is one tier above their reaction time, although can be done if lead, or forced into the attack. Surprise attacks will also work, but the person dodging only needs minimal cues and a normal time to react.
Dodge is two tiers higher than accuracy: This person is impossible to hit at this level. Try and try all you will, but as long as they are aware you are attacking them it will be impossible to hit them.

This being said, if a person is unaware of the attack then they cannot know to dodge it, and as such these differences become meaningless.

The tiers are as follows.
291+ (will be updated when the level cap increases)


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