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Loot, Dungeons, and mapping Empty Loot, Dungeons, and mapping

Post by Dameon on Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:26 pm

Dungeons in Sword Art Online are scattered everywhere and become more frequent as you reach higher floors. Dungeons are essential for finding the boss room as the floor is mapped out to find places that have yet been discovered. Dungeons are locked with a key and the keys can be obtained from completing certain quests which are repeatable. Once you have a key you must request the dungeon quest and use your key to gain access to the dungeon. While in a dungeon word counts are increased by 25% per post. This in untrue if your level is higher than the dungeon level and instead you receive 25% less (instead of the normal 50% that would be taken away).

Dungeons are inherently harder and there is no guarantee you will come away with the loot that you want but they can be farmed as much as you need. to get those items. However there is also a chance that the chest at the end of the dungeon and after defeating the dungeon boss will hold a Floor Boss Dungeon Key. This will give you access to the floors final dungeon and give you and the people of SAO a chance to defeat the floor boss and move to the next floor. Once a map piece is obtained anyone can enter the Boss Dungeon so long as the person who obtained it is available or if that person is unavailable someone of the same party. If either cannot be summoned the Floor Boss Dungeon Key must be re-obtained.


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