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Post by Dameon on Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:57 pm

SAO: G is currently in Alpha testing. This means we are still building the world of SAO before we open it up for Beta Access. We are still working on the Item rules and our Combat rules as well as various lists, templates, and information to help everyone out once the Beta opens up.

For now feel free to Create a Character in the "Avatar Creation" area. A member of our staff will get to it in between cracks of the whip to finish for Beta. Once approved there you are allowed to RP in the "PRE-SAO" area, this area is an out game area (Not within SAO) and depicts your character prior to the events in SAO and even in the SAO Beta.

Within this forum no killing of other players is allowed as this is meant to be a social area with the benefit of building relations once the game is launched.




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