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Post by Dameon on Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:06 pm

Special characteristics are skills you take with you into the game and can be a fun way to alter the way you play in SAO. None of these skills have an impact on stats and are mostly for the sake of flavor. Though they can be useful when you want them to be but they will not hold any significant impact in a PvP scenario. You can take 1 but are not required to do so.

Computer Programmer: In the real world you knew how to program software and because of this you understand how the game is intended to work and find it easier to understand why AI acts a certain why.

Pro-Gamer: You have spent a great deal of your life playing games and in the real world are even paid to play, because of this you find it easier to adapt to the game settings and understand how quests and experience work to get the most of it.

Student: You are a student in Japan and because of this you understand what it means to lack sleep and bust your butt in long night study sessions, because of this you are less likely to get fatigued and don't need to sleep as often.

Thief: In the real world you stole for a living and were at least good enough to not get caught, because of this you are better at concealing items and small weapons by palming them.

Strategy Game Player: In the real world you played a lot of strategy games that had you thinking on your feet, because of this you are better at discerning AI attack patterns.

Body Builder: In the real world you were in the gym...a lot you have lots of muscles and are built tough because of this you are less likely to be knocked back from an AI attack and are not knocked back as far against a boss.

Born Leader: You were a part of something bigger than yourself int he real world, team leader, military, or something else all together because of this people follow you and listen to you as a source of inspiration and hope.

Strong Willed: Experience in the real world have left you hardened and focused because of this you are less likely to be intimidated and less likely to quit something you set your mind to.

Larper: You were big into Larping in the real world because of this you are more knowledgeable on how to use weapons though less likely to meet women that are not Larpers.


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