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Post by Dameon on Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:36 pm

The stats in SAO are the biggest factor, without good stats you will not be going very far. In this thread I will be explaining the different stats used and how they affect the RPG.

There are 2 types of Stats, Primary and Secondary.

The Primary Stats are Strength (STR) and Agility (AGI). Strength measures how physically strong your character is and Agility measures how physically skilled your character is. Each Primary stat has Secondary stats that you can put points into every time you level up.

The Secondary Stats for Strength are:

Health: (How much life your character has. Every point in health adds 5 Health)
Attack Damage: (How much damage you deal to opposing mobs and players)
Defense: (How much damage you mitigate from opposing mobs and players)

The Secondary Stats for Agility are:

Dodge: (How likely you are to dodge an oncoming attack)
Reaction Time: (Measures attack speed and the likely hood you are able to block or parry)
Accuracy: (Measures your ability to hit a target that is moving or dodging)

When you level up in SAO:G you are given a total of 3 points to distribute to your primary stats and for each point you distribute into a primary stat you can add 2 points to those secondary stats. Example: I put 1 point into Strength and 2 points into Agility. This means I can add 2 points to my Strength Secondary stats and 4 points to my Agility Secondary stats.


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