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Post by Dameon on Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:20 am

Basic Rules

1. Please, refrain from posting one liners. The more detail the better.

2. Solo threads are possible, but please keep a two minute delay within your posts. This is to prevent spamming Cor. You will be banned for this.

3. Swearing is allowed in moderation. Just don't spam it or use it in an excessive amount.

4. discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, will not be tolerated or allowed, and is a bannable offense.

5. Please avoid having flame wars in the Chat box, or on posts.

6. No Godmodding.

7. Respect the Administrators and Moderators.

8. Please keep in mind that you can only be in five roleplay topics at a time.

9. Do not Meta-game.

10. Follow the Posting Order of a topic.

11. Do not use unapproved upgrades/weapons in a fight or mission.

12. Post your Sword Skill's either in a spoiler or code after your RP. This means at the bottom of your post.

13. Your user name must be the same as your character's IC Username.

Chatbox Rules

No advertising in the chatbox. If you want to share your forum or whatever just go to the advertisement section. Signatures, images, PMs with advertisements are not allowed either.

It's really annoying when a members post images in the chatbox. It stretches out the chatbox and even break the scrolling bar for some people. This means no chatting till a mod enters the chatbox and clears the chatbox. So use spoilers when you're posting an image in the chatbox and warn members if the image is large.

The chat box is here so everyone can chat. If there are only two people in there, well, it's kind of impossible not to get wrapped up talking to each other. But don't get so intense with it that other people can't join in. That's obnoxious. You may end up getting a warning or a banned.

Respect each other. Discrimination will not be tolerated. Be it race, sex, sexual orientation, political views, religious beliefs or what have you. Leave it at the door when you come in to play. If you do this, a staff member will break it up, and there will be many consequences.

This is a very inappropriate thing here on Genesis. Excluding people from the chat is very mean. Especially if they are new members here. Please refrain from doing so. Or you may receive consequences. But with this rules comes, If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

If you’re having a problem with someone in the chatbox, take it to PM’s or IM’s please. We don’t want to hear your B.S. If you think something is unfair, bring it up with the admins. If that won't help, bring it up to the webmaster.

If you have a problem with one of us, send us a PM. Don’t start crap with us in the chat.

Links of any form can potentially break the chatbox depending on their size. Even if they don't, unwieldy links popping up left and right can be annoying. Place any links you wish to share in spoiler tags.


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